November 2007

The Seeds I Sow

The seeds I sow are all my own.

I’ll reap the harvest whether right or wrong.

Seedtime and Harvest is here to stay.

It’s a truth that will never fade away.

I’ll sow today and reap tomorrow.

I’ll sow good things to ward off sorrow.

I’ll plant good seed in healthy ground.

I won’t let my thoughts talk me down!

I’ll speak words of faith to all I sow.

I’ll tell my seeds to grow and grow!

For in God’s Love, I do believe, my very words will water seed.

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.

So, I’ll speak life to everyone.

I’ll pay attention to whose voice I’ll heed…

For, I know who’s best at watering seed!

His words breed Life and Joy and Order.

Why, He’s a fountain of Living Water!

If negative things try to fill my head,

I’ll just say what my Jesus says!

When I’m not sure what He would say,

I’ll take the time to read and pray.

“What will I read?” you might ask.

The only book that will ever last!

Why the Good Book of course- it has no rival!

Yes, I’m speaking of the Bible!

I’ll read and pray what Jesus says

I’ll read each one of God’s promises.

I’ll read each word to finish from start.

I’ll make sure God’s Word is deep in my heart…

…and when it’s deep down inside of me, is when I’ll be best at watering seed.

Yes, I’ll speak Life to all I sow.

I’ll watch my good seed grow and grow!

Then, with time and patience and faith so marvelous…

I will praise God as I reap my harvest!

“Oh Lord, You’re wonderful and I should have known

You would multiply each and every seed I have sown!

You’ve given me back so much more than I planted! 

Lord, I won’t take Your Word for granted!

You are so true and You always keep your Word!

Your promises are the best things I’ve ever heard!

Yes, seedtime and harvest is here to stay!

Lord, I’ll plant good seeds and say what You say!

To make sure each harvest is flourishing and bright,

I’ll stay in Your Word and keep walking in Your Light!

Yes, the seeds I sow are all my own.

So, I’ll choose to sow good seed instead of what’s wrong.

I will have a great life that is full and long

and it’s all because of You, Lord, and the seeds I have sown.”



May we reflect upon all of the things that have held us up, given us strength, and brought us comfort this year and then take time to give honor and praise to the Lord of lords and King of kings who provides all good things.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 


Love left late last night on a train

The lonely sound of that whistle echoes through my brain

Calling out to memories of days gone by…days that should have died in my heart…in my mind…in my soul of souls- never to be recalled again…

Love left late that night on a train- tears filtered through clenched lashes in no way eased the pain…clutched pillows and silent sobs did nothing but torture my soul. 

Later, I would learn that it was up to me to choose the toll. 

What price I pay is up to me.

Which prayer I pray is up to me.

Smile or cry, it’s up to me.

Live or die, it’s up to me.

Ignorance of the truth could no longer hide in me.

The most powerful force in existence resides in me.

The lamp of Love burns bright in me.

I’ll no longer focus on what’s wrong, but right in me.

I’ll be all that I am, now Love’s guiding me.

I have the Love that created all eternity.

Yes, Love left late that night on a train…although my journey’s just begun, I am home again.

We’re like musical instruments.  Others can try to manipulate us in their own way, but only God, our creator, can maximize our potential.  He does this when we yield completely to Him and allow Him to fully utilize all of the gifts He’s bestowed upon us, thus, eliciting the sweetest sounds heard on this earth…the sounds we were born to make.  Only then are we able to play the song- that beautiful, sweet, unique, song God composed when He breathed each one of us into existence…

 Dare to Play Your Song…

As I sit by the Oceanside, the dark sea raging, I marvel at the beauty of it all…The moon You created lights a golden path across the dark, ever-restless sea…A path that seems to begin with me and ends in a place I cannot see…if, in truth, it ends at all.

All at once, I am fulfilled by my relationship with the One who created it all…The One who designed this moment…and our meeting…at this place…by the sea.

December Afternoon

Strolling the beach, searching for shells, thinking of those whom I’ve loved and appreciated in my life…I look up at a wide sky.

The right half of the pale moon peeks out at me with one eye- the rest of it hidden and lost behind a vast curtain of blue– mid-evening blue.

Strolling a little further, the cool ocean breeze hits the right side of my face as I walk the beach pondering these surroundings and how much they differ from my surroundings of the former year.  The other side of my body feels the welcome warmth of the December sun—such a contrast to the first side, yet both appealing and with their own merits.

Instantly, I know that I appreciate them both.  Without one, I could not fully appreciate the other.

I take time to sit on a rock and soak it all in.

There, beneath the December sun, I bask in the knowledge of a great love,

a great romance,

a great union that will never end and that will never have a final fling;

that will never have its last curtain call.

This evening, I wrap myself in the comfort and coziness of our relationship.  This evening, I bask in the love of my Lord.

Diagonal was the rain on that cool spring night…rain the kind I hated to see…dreaded to feel… yet loved to hear on the tin roof of that old shack…lost in the woods yet never so found and quite so free again for years to come I would never remember to forget… the sound… of diagonal rain.

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