In your arms, I’ve found the place I’ve yearned for.

All my life I’ve longed for more.

I longed for a place where my soul would soar

with someone I could trust with my life.

Jesus, keep me in your arms.

It’s the place I’ve desired.

All my life I searched for something, living through lies and cracked dreams.

In your arms, I’m freed from searching.

In your arms, I release my past.

Through your eyes, I see myself.

I never knew Love could be so pure.

Love that loves no matter what-

Love without condemnation-

Love that’s free to all of us-

Love that’s here for the taking-

Love now lives inside of me.

I am a new creation.

Lord, in your arms, I’ve found myself.

In your arms, You revealed the truth of Love.

In your embrace, my soul found what my spirit must have known all along.

One day, I found myself in your arms.

One day, in your arms, I found home.