December Afternoon

Strolling the beach, searching for shells, thinking of those whom I’ve loved and appreciated in my life…I look up at a wide sky.

The right half of the pale moon peeks out at me with one eye- the rest of it hidden and lost behind a vast curtain of blue– mid-evening blue.

Strolling a little further, the cool ocean breeze hits the right side of my face as I walk the beach pondering these surroundings and how much they differ from my surroundings of the former year.  The other side of my body feels the welcome warmth of the December sun—such a contrast to the first side, yet both appealing and with their own merits.

Instantly, I know that I appreciate them both.  Without one, I could not fully appreciate the other.

I take time to sit on a rock and soak it all in.

There, beneath the December sun, I bask in the knowledge of a great love,

a great romance,

a great union that will never end and that will never have a final fling;

that will never have its last curtain call.

This evening, I wrap myself in the comfort and coziness of our relationship.  This evening, I bask in the love of my Lord.