Love left late last night on a train

The lonely sound of that whistle echoes through my brain

Calling out to memories of days gone by…days that should have died in my heart…in my mind…in my soul of souls- never to be recalled again…

Love left late that night on a train- tears filtered through clenched lashes in no way eased the pain…clutched pillows and silent sobs did nothing but torture my soul. 

Later, I would learn that it was up to me to choose the toll. 

What price I pay is up to me.

Which prayer I pray is up to me.

Smile or cry, it’s up to me.

Live or die, it’s up to me.

Ignorance of the truth could no longer hide in me.

The most powerful force in existence resides in me.

The lamp of Love burns bright in me.

I’ll no longer focus on what’s wrong, but right in me.

I’ll be all that I am, now Love’s guiding me.

I have the Love that created all eternity.

Yes, Love left late that night on a train…although my journey’s just begun, I am home again.