Another December and I’ve got to finish it!  I am determined to complete a book I began years ago.  How many years, you might ask? Let’s just say fewer than 10 but more than 2.    It is a children’s book….a Christmas book…. it’s entitled Christmas to Meaghan.  I’ve written the beginning and I’ve written the end- however, the real meat of the story has yet to be connected to these two parts.  What I greatly desire for Christmas is to finish this book. 

Christmas to Meaghan is a children’s story that explains the true meaning of Christmas and puts many of the things we focus on around this time of year in their proper perspective.  It is a tale of the ultimate gift… the ultimate love… the reason why Christmas should always be a time of extreme joy and celebration for people of all ages …and why that joy should reside deep within us long after Christmas has come and gone.  I am excited to have the opportunity to tell the tale of Hope manifested…Glory resurrected… and LOVE born in the flesh. 

Thus, I am now on an official Christmas to Meaghan watch!  I declare, right now, Christmas to Meaghan will be completed by December 31st 2007.  So, by 11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, I’ll have a finished book in my hands and a new dream in my heart.  Merry Christmas to me!