O.K.  I really need some prayer y’all!  I have been battling procrastination all of my life (well, actually giving in to it rather easily most of my life) and here we go again!  I set a goal of Dec. 31st around midnight…I wanted this story finished by the New Year.  I still want it finished by the New Year!  How have I progressed thus far?  Well, I have many ideas in my head- but the proof is in the pudding- I must get it down and let it flow.  Also, after speaking with my 16 yr. old neice, yesterday on the phone, I have another pretty good idea of where to go with my story.  She gave me some insight on targeting my audience which I hadn’t thought of before.  Actually, I may be able to weave it into my storyline.  Thanks, Mariah- you’re a peach

So, all I can say right now is pray y’all!  Christmas to Meaghan is on its way!  On New Year’s Day, I will be posting an “It’s Finished!” banner across this site! 

🙂  Blessings to all!