Ever feel like the whole world is looking at you?…waiting to see what will become of you…your life…your drive…your passion….your dreams?

Well, maybe they are…and then again… maybe they’re not… you probably think many people are looking at your life who really aren’t and many of those people who actually are looking at you and your life would most likely surprise you.  You could be making quite an impact on someone’s life, all the while unbeknownst to you.  Positive or negative, good, bad, or, as yet, undecided- we all have the potential to touch nations. 

It’s not going to be so much through what we say and do every now and then.  What will have the greatest impact on others, is what we are and who we are deep down on the inside.  Our heart’s motive always seems to rise to the top. Through our conversations, our habits, and our everyday routine we have the opportunity to shape a generation and change the world. 

I possess a deep desire to inspire the next generation of my family.  I often find myself counseling and encouraging my nieces.  I want to encourage them in a way I feel that was lacking in my own upbringing.  But the more and more I talk, sometimes it just hits me square in the face, “Hazel, you can say what you want, but the proof is in the pudding…”  I can attempt to “coach”, “inspire”, and “encourage”, but what would speak so much louder than what I could ever say, is my life itself.  The testimony that will be the most real to them will be my life, not something I told them every now and then when the occasion arose.  They’re looking at me to see what I do with my life.  They’re looking at me to see if living this life for Christ is worth it.  They’re looking at me to see if it does pay to dream big….to trust God….to take His word as truth.  I know in my heart of hearts, the most potent statement I will ever make will be with this life. 

Lord, I thank You today for the plan You have for my life.  I look forward to seeing what grand statements will come from fishbowls.  Amen!