Well, it’s Friday morning, and no doubt, some people are living for the weekend!  They absolutely hate their job or the environment in which they have to work.  Sometimes it’s co-workers, the boss, the public, the conditions, the expectations, or even the tasks themselves that can drive us up the wall.  It could even be the schedule.  There are probably a long list of reasons we could dwell on for each and every person who is unhappy in their workplace.  However, this is not that kind of blog!  So let’s look at it from another point of view shall we?

Two ladies in particular come to my mind when I think of someone hating their job.  However, as I just wrote this, a couple more popped into my head.  These ladies make it no secret that they are dissatisfied with their current positions and are trying to do all they can to get out of them.  They diligently search for other job opportunities and often throw their hats in the ring at most any chance they get.  I think it’s wonderful to be diligent.  We should all have the courage to pursue our God-given dreams and passions.  However, there is a big difference between pursuing your God-given passion and running away from an uncomfortable situation. If we’re focusing on just getting away from our current job more than focusing on what God has planned for us, chances are we’ll be unhappy in the next situation as well.  God has not given us a spirit of fear!  We’re not to run away from every uncomfortable situation.  We are more than conquerers and God has given us what it  takes to overcome any work situation- big or small.  I would say running is definitely not the answer. 

So what is the answer? I would say to pray and ask God which path to take.  He has your answer.  Perhaps, you’re trying to run away from a situation in which God has placed you in order to make a difference.  Perhaps, you were the answer to someone’s prayer.  Maybe He placed you there to be an encouragement, a light, and a Godly influence to others in that workplace.  Perhaps, He’s given you favor to affect certain ones there for the benefit of His kingdom.  Maybe you’ve been positioned there to strategically pray for certain people or circumstances.  He may have even placed you there to take a particular stand on an issue in order to affect change in that environment.  You may never know unless you stick around to get a definitive answer. 

Of course, you may find the answer has more to do with someone else’s influence on you rather than yours on them.  If your current situation is, indeed, where God has placed you, maybe He’s trying to work something out of you, or develop something in you.  Maybe there are trials, battles, and mindsets there that you’re going to have to fight in order to prepare you for something greater in your future.  All battles can be won by submitting yourself to Christ and letting Him work through you.  Stand on his word and let Him fight the battle for you and through you!  Never run in fear!  The key to success is getting with God’s plan and in order to do that, sometimes, we have to let go of our own. 

So, if this post strikes a nerve in you, perhaps it’s time to have a little talk about the job.  The answer may not be the one you’re dreading.  However, if it is, find comfort in the truth that the One who knows you better than you know yourself, has already prepared you for your current assignment.  God Bless!