Now, it’s time to address a most important issue when talking about the job.  Now what could it be?…hmmm… How about attitude?  Whether or not you’ve received confirmation in your heart regarding God’s current plan for you, it’s up to you to maintain a proper attitude.  Not only is it necessary to keep a proper inward attitude, but it is just as necessary to maintain the proper outer attitude in any given situation.

Of course, internally, we should keep an attitude of faith-filled expectancy that is backed up by the Word of God.  Search out and know which scriptures you’re standing on!  Don’t just leave it to old fashioned tradition that you’ve heard over and over again.  Spend some time in the Word and find the scriptures to stand on for your situation.  That will be the foundation for your belief as well as your petition to God. 

 Next, check your level of gratitude.  Have you been focusing on your own worries and level of discomfort so much that you’ve taken the goodness of God for granted?  Don’t forget you were probably searching for a job when the one you can’t stand now came along.  Remember to be mindful of that and to thank God for his provision. Also, don’t be afraid to ask God to make your heart more receptive to anything He wants to do in your life through this current position.  Let Him know He has your full cooperation with whatever He may want to do through you or, perhaps, even develop in you.  Make His plan the priority in your life. 

Adopting the aforementioned inward attitude will certainly blossom into an outward attitude of performing your job unto God.  This means approaching each task not as if you’re doing it for man, but as if you’re working for God.  Tackle each task with a spirit of excellence.  Consider it your ministry.  Walk into that workplace with a pleasant attitude, and give it your best shot, day-in and day-out whether you’re a “short-timer” or not.  Your attitude and countenance does matter- whether you’re working there for just two more days or two more years, you are always a representative of Christ.  Don’t make your misery everyone else’s misery.  Attitudes have a definite effect on anyone who has to remain in the same environment with you.  Make sure you’re one to lift others up- not bring them down.  There should be something different about you that makes you stand out from the rest in a positive light.  Don’t let yourself be known as the negative one or the fearful one or the big-mouthed gossipy one!  Never stir up strife and run around playing the part of the #1 talebearer in the office. You’re so much better than that!

Also, for those of us who have been cursed with an anger-management problem…it’s time to have a serious talk.  I can say first hand having worked with  a few people with anger issues in the past, there is not much worse than having to spend several hours a day with an angry person.  It makes for an extremely hostile environment.  These explosive firecrackers should go for some kind of treatment before they hurt someone else or themselves.  No one enjoys working in this kind of environment and, really, no one should have to.  If you suspect your anger may be having an effect on your co-workers, please look into getting some help before something happens and you are made to do so. 

Now, all of that being said, how’s your attitude?  It always matters. No matter what kind of job or career you may have, attitude matters!