Well, it’s here again!  The day we celebrate the very foundation of our faith, the death, burial, and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.  This day will bring many who don’t make it a usual habit to go to church into the doorways of many houses of worship.  Great Easter programs, practiced songs and a moving sermon may very well sow seeds into some hungry hearts, but nothing….absolutely nothing…will ever affect the human condition like a true personal encounter with the love of God. 

So, when taking time to prepare and making sure this Easter turns out just right, also take time to give the Holy Spirit the lead with your heart and with your words and with your actions.  Give Him the opportunity to resurrect as much of the Love of God that you’ll allow to flow through you to affect someone else.  Then and only then are we glorifying our Lord and Savior.  Let’s make this day more than a day to remember our savior.  Let’s make it a day that will lead to a life of glorifying our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through more than just our words.  This day let us resurrect and stir up the very flame of passion which a life with Christ affords us.  Let all those who doubt that our redeemer lives have an encounter with the God who loves them so much more than they realize each time they encounter us.  Whether in the store, on the street, at the job, in your home or, even, at church let the love of God shine like a beacon for all to see. 

God bless you!