Sometimes, you just have to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.  Others may be made uncomfortable by your decison and the resulting actions, but right is right and its always best to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, sometimes making a stand for the “right” thing can hurt those we care about.  In these times, it’s best to focus on the “big picture” or “the long run”.  When it’s hard to concentrate on that big picture, it’s time to call on the Holy Spirit to help you focus and to keep you centered in order to make a commitment to do as He’s  led you to do. 

 Make no mistake about it, outside pressure can be fierce, however after you’ve prayed about it and are sure of the Holy Spirit’s leading, don’t back down from making a stand.  You may have an important role in setting precedents that will affect the future of others.  One thing is certain, you certainly have a responsibility for setting a precedent in and for your own life.  This walk with Christ should always be the precedent-setter…always… 

So, no matter what the pressures may be- guilt trips, your own flesh screaming out, or even fear in its many forms (of rejection, failure, and the unknown just to name a few).  Take the stand the Holy Spirit and God’s Word has influenced you to take and don’t give up on God.  That’s the key- never give up on God!