Highways of pleasantness and paths of peace have really struck a chord with me…who wouldn’t want to travel those ways?  Why aren’t more of us traveling those ways instead of traveling hard roads filled with DRAMA? 

 It’s not just the “world” that’s riding the drama train.  I’ve seen time and again, bible toting, born-again Christians, living lives riddled with everything except peace. I’m convinced it is due to a lack of acceptance of the reality of God’s Wisdom, His Word, and His provision.  Many trust God for their salvation but they don’t know how to trust Him for healing, for wholeness, for financial provision, for restoration of those things ( including relationships) that were torn apart by the enemy… they don’t comprehend the magnitude of His Love and the scope of what He’s done through our Lord, Jesus.   

He’s not only arranged a way for us to have eternal Life, He’s provided us with the way to have abundance in every area of our lives!  We shouldn’t think for one minute that God is satisfied with us settling for less than His best.  He is an abundant, over-flowing, so much more-than-enough God!  He’s provided His children with the Blessing… however it’s up to each one of us to go after that and grab hold to it.  It’s up to us to pursue God and all that He’s provided for us. 

The common go- to- church- because- it’s- good- for- ya, or maybe, because -that’s- the- way- I- was- raised attitude will get you no where.  You won’t get far on highways of pleasantness and paths of peace with that attitude.  It’s going to take an all-out passion for God to get you on these roads.  However, that passion won’t get you anywhere if you don’t marry it to diligence, patience, and faith.  If you’ll marry these things together along with walking in Love, you’ll have the start of something big….  the start of a Journey that’s worth taking.  So what are you waiting for?… Let the travels begin.