I was just sitting here reminiscing about roller coasters and me.  An acquaintance mentioned that she was building roller coasters.  I laughed and commented that it sounded like fun.  Then went on to say that I hadn’t ridden a roller coaster in years.  I gave them up a long time ago because they made me miserable!  I would be in the midst of a ride, hanging on for dear life and wanting to kick myself for getting on the silly thing in the first place.  Why did I do it to myself?  Because I had the opportunity and opportunities like that didn’t come along often.  Then, of course, sometimes, I felt pressured to ride them… other times, it just seemed like it would be great fun, although deep down inside I knew better! Finally, the time came when I said, “No!” to roller coasters.  It was simply not worth it to me!  Why go through the agony just to say you did it.  What does it matter, when it’s all said and done?  I don’t enjoy roller coasters.  It’s no crime. 

Some might say I gained wisdom and a backbone.  Others might say I just wimped out.  I say I took a stand for what was right for me… over something seemingly insignificant- after all, it’s not like I go to an amusement park everyday of my life!  But, I say “despise not small beginnings“.  We have to start making right choices for ourselves sometime in life.  Well, we don’t have to, but it is needful.  Start making a stand for yourself on some of the smaller things which will help you when it’s time to make a stand for something that’s really important.  Don’t just fall in with the gang when you know you will regret it.  Exercise your freedom to make a choice!  God has made us all free agents and we don’t have to do anything just because the gang wants to.  There should come a time when we stop worrying about what our peers will say about us or think about us if we don’t agree with whatever they think is right.  You have to be your own person.  Friends, co-workers, and, even, family are not responsible for the choices you make for your life.  The benefits and the consequences of your choices belong to you.  They may affect others (and usually do), but the responsiblity remains with you.  If you’ll practice with smaller things, it will be easier when it comes time to stand your ground on something of the utmost importance.  

Skillful and Godly wisdom is always calling out to us.  From reading Proverbs, it becomes obvious that God wants us travel highways of pleasantness and paths of peace. He desperately wants to get the wisdom to us, but it’s up to us if we’ll do what it takes to tune into it.  If you’re one who’s easily swayed by the opinions of others, you’re going to have a difficult time grasping onto God’s wisdom.  What’s the point of hearing wisdom, if you ignore it- if you choose to go the way all your friends are going …when you know deep down inside God is telling you to go another way…  Wisdom is wasted on the foolish.  Maybe, it’s time to get off the roller coaster?

Here’s a ride to consider. Have you ever sat back and thought about the roller coaster of love?  I’m not talking about the kind of Love I often write about on this blog.  I’m not speaking of the Agape or God kind of Love.  I’m speaking of the fast, easy, convenient, loose kind of stuff many people ( mistakenly)  call love.  The kind where there’s no real committment and no real concern for the others well-being.  That selfish help me out right now kind of stuff that never really works out.  No matter how prettily it was dressed up. You know the stuff… if you haven’t had the opportunity to take a ride on that roller coaster then count yourself blessed.  You don’t have to.  Godly Wisdom has another way.  The perfect plan.  It’s the best plan.  Yet for some reason, even in a lot of churches, it is looked upon as not being relevant or realistic for today’s youth…today’s adults… today’s church… oh, I certainly don’t mean to imply that sentiment is coming from the pulpit.  What I mean is amongst the masses that sit in the congregations Sunday after Sunday, I’ve seen too many who don’t think God is concerned about their sex life.  They’re sitting in the pews, they’re lifting up holy hands, they’re praising and worshipping God, and are some of the first ones to speak about God whenever they are going through a storm.  Yet, they think nothing of shacking up with that boyfriend or girlfriend or just having a little activity with a good friend and sometimes even having sex with people to whom they are not even committed.  Come on now, that’s a roller coaster that will take you somewhere you don’t want to go- very quickly!  It’s time to get some Godly Wisdom here!  How can you expect anything better for your children, when you’re setting an example that is so much less than wise.  Godly Wisdom tells us that the act of making love is part of the marriage covenant.  Something to be beautifully expressed between a husband and his wife….a wife and her husband- period!  Anything else is simply riding a carnival ride- no joke.  Except, this ride has consequences that can mess you up for quite a while. Given time, there’s always a harvest on a seed that’s sown.  Foolish acts may be causing you to reap a lot of misery and drama you just can’t seem to get rid of.  Perhaps you just don’t see the link…   Wisdom is wasted on the foolish…but It’s your choice whether or not to be a fool. 

Be Blessed!