I am so inspired by people who are transparent not for their own glory or gain, but for their obedience to Christ, their love of Christ and people… their desire which mirrors the Savior’s own desire which is freedom from bondage (whatever the bondage may be).

In this journey, there comes a time when we must open ourselves up and share our pain, our struggles, and, yes, even our sins in order to free someone else from their bondage… in order to convict someone’s heart to action… in order to dissolve the wall of isolation some unknown someone has unknowingly built around themselves with sin…  there comes a time to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and lay it on the line… put it all out there, not as explanation or excuse, or as a ploy for sympathy, or even as an act of revenge but as taking a step against the enemy… exposing his darkness to the light of Christ and in doing so becoming a stepping stone in someone else’s journey to freedom…  In these times, “Father,…nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done”  is etched in the heart of the believer and I find it to be most inspiring.

I’ve been inspired by these two this week, who’s inspired you?