As we all know, it’s been quite a long season of politics in these United States…  Lots of mudslinging, inaccuracies, bold lies, and bitterness as usual. Yet, there have been great strides made in many areas as well.  Personally, I must admit I have a strong aversion to politics.  However, I relish the fact that I get an opportunity to take part in the political process.  I thank God that I live in this great country where freedom has been successfully fought for with the  blood, sweat, and tears of those who have gone before us.  I praise God for where He’s brought us from and what He’s brought us through.  Each citizen of this country has their own unique story…their own unique journey…their own unique bumps and bruises from their past which tend to leave impressions which many times tend to shape our worldview and, in particular, our view of our nation.  We each have a unique vision and dream of how we would envision this country progressing. 

This is the time we have to “sow a seed” not only for our immediate future but for the future of generations to follow.  It is a duty not to be taken lightly.  It is a decision that should be made with prayer.  I don’t care who my neighbor votes for, or my pastor, or my friend… I just pray that they’ll vote their conscience and conviction.  That’s all I ask of my neighbor, my pastor, my family and my friends… The rest is a personal matter between God and each one of us.