I wrote this piece for our church newsletter back in February 2001.  I felt led to do so after reading essays that had been submitted by our youth for a Black History Month Essay contest and realized there was some bitterness that needed to be addressed.  I feel led to share it again.  So, here goes!


No doubt about it, we as a people, have come a “mighty long way”.  We have a history that is as rich with loss as it is with triumph.  We have shed tears of joy as well as agony.  Many would ask the question, “Why so much pain…so much injustice…so much intolerance…such abuse…such a struggle?”  Why did we, as a people, have to sacrifice so much?  When we ask questions such as these we have a responsibility as Christians to look a little deeper.

You see, looking a little deeper is not an easy thing to do.  Yet, it is required of anyone who has a true, living and thriving relationship with God.  Looking a little deeper may cause you to see the work of the adversary for what it really is…a way to destroy your life, your past, your heart and your soul.  Looking a little deeper will have us questioning what kind of effects (un-Godly effects) the adversary’s work has had on us.

Has the pain made us blind to the pain of others not of our own race?  Has the injustice justified our own sins against those whom we perceive to be the cause of our pain?  Has the intolerance afforded us the ability to tolerate bitterness in our own hearts?  Have the abuses prompted us to allow an unforgiving spirit to reside in our souls?  Has the struggle brought you closer to God in your actions or has it caused you to sin mercilessly against Him?  Has the struggle been in vain?  We can only answer this question after we have taken a deeper look- a look with our spiritual eyes.  I can’t answer for you, nor can you answer for me.  The answer to this question is as personal as your relationship with God.

So, as we take time to consider the sacrifices of those who have gone before us, we must also look a little deeper into our own lives…our own past…our own hearts…our own souls.  If you start to feel at least a little insecure…look a little deeper….The Holy Spirit will show you a cross…and a savior…and your soul shall find rest as you realize…there was a purpose…and a plan…all along.