So, who’s standing in the way of your dream?  Chances are, it’s probably you!  Heaven knows, timing has a lot to do with it and there are seasons of preparation peppered with seasons of restraint.  Yet, ultimately, no one else can keep you from fulfilling that God-given dream except you.  Oh, there can and most likely will be lots of discouragement…. however usually there is encouragement as well.  Perhaps, you’ll have to stir yourself up and be your own encouragement- if that’s what it takes, then learn how to do that.  It’ll help you out in this world.  There is no lack for the need of encouragement in this life and the sooner you learn how to encourage yourself and to be an encouragement to others, the better off you’ll be.

Also, you’ll need to let go of the negativity.  If you sit there and meditate on all the reasons you can’t do it, and all the horrid things that may have happened in the past that keep you from doing it, chances are you won’t do it…. at least not until you give up that way of thinking.  You don’t have to accept and agree with every thought that comes in your head… every voice from the past that says you’re not good enough… that says you have no right to dream for the manifestation of what God has placed in your heart… you don’t have to keep those thoughts.  You don’t have to keep mulling over curses that were spoken over you and your future.  If your dream is worth fighting for, then you need to fight! 

How?  First of all, you’ll need to replace those negative thoughts with promises of God.  Yes, you’ll have to do some research in the Word, but most definitely it won’t hurt you any and it’s sure to help!  Find a promise that relates directly  to the issue you’re dealing with- whether it’s low self-esteem, worry, lack of finances, condemnation over sins that have already been repented of, etc.  and meditate on those scriptures.  Repeat them over and over to yourself until you know that you KNOW you know them and the next time one of those negative thoughts comes into your mind- don’t accept it, don’t agree with it, don’t believe it- just replace it with a promise of God.  Should an issue come up that you can’t recall a promise for, then that’s a clue it’s time to dig into the Word again to seek the promise that refutes the issue.  Is it work?  Yes, but if it’s the dream you’re fighting for- isn’t it worth the effort? Aren’t you worth the effort?  Well, of course you are!  God thinks so.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God!  So, start believing it and begin reaching for that dream!  You may have to start by taking baby-steps but, even so, take them!  Don’t let pride get in the way!  Despise not the day of small beginnings!  After all, if you (along with God’s guidance and help) were incapable of fulfilling this dream, He never would have given it to you.  He knows you better than you know yourself and He knew you before you knew yourself.  So, what’s stopping you?  Who’s standing in the way of your dream?