The Holidays are upon us once again, and that means people getting together with their families and/or loved ones to celebrate.  It’s wonderful to celebrate but sometimes it can be draining to say the least and even at times a downright fiasco!  Especially, if your get-togethers usually seem to stir up a little drama.  So, all of you who like to cause (or usually just end up causing) the holiday celebration drama- just give it a rest why don’t you?  A celebration is not a time to make someone the butt of your jokes, or get so angry you can’t even enjoy yourself (nor anyone else).  It’s not a time for self-indulgence when you know that particular deed could hurt someone.  It’s not a time to focus on yourself and what you want.  It’s a time to be grateful for all the Lord has done in your life and to show that gratitude through your actions, your deeds, your words, and your attitude.  It’s Thanksgiving, so let’s give thanks!  Be blessed!



 1.  Mr. & Mrs. Perfect Host/Hostess

2.  Mr. Too Cool for School

3.  Ms. “I’ve slaved all day in the kitchen” Drama Queen

4.  Mr. Negativity – nothing is ever good enough

5.  Ms. Bitter and Unforgiveness

6.  Mr. Hot Under the Collar

7.  Mr. Positively Wonderful

8.  Mr. Mischevious

9.  Ms. Peacemaker

10.  Mr. “I don’t want to hear it!”

11.  Mama Love

12.  Mr. Sickly

13.  Mr. Big Mouth

14.  Mr. Vampire (will drain the life out of any party)

15.  Mr. “Let’s get this show on the road” Clock watcher

16.  Mr. Interrogator or Mr. Investigator

17.  Ms. Cell Phone to the Ear at All Times

18.  Mr. Anger Management Class Candidate

19.  Mr. Prayer Warrior

20.  Ms. “I can’t hear you…”

21.  Mr. Bratty Kid

22.  Ms. Angelic Child

23.  Ms. Photopgrapher

24.  Ms. Closed Mouth Cousin

25.  Ms.  “I ate toooooo much…”

26.  Mr. Emotional

27.  The World Traveler

28.  Mr. “I’m still in the Witness Protection Program” (so don’t take any pictures of me!)

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!