The Smile of a Child

Weather a storm and walk for a mile,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Paint my face like a clown and wear my hair wild,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Dance in the wind and laugh really loud,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Visit a farm and hitch a cow to a plow,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Create a new walk and walk it with style,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Rake all of fall’s leaves and then jump in the pile,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Bay at the moon ’til I make the dogs howl,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Chug the hot sauce when I really need mild,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Sit in an elevator and stand out in a crowd,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

Tell you I love you and that you make me proud,

I’d do it all for the smile of a child!

When I look at you, you make my heart smile!

There’s nothing so lovely as the smile of a child!


A Place to Lay My Head

The Day has passed.  The time has sped.  I long for a place to lay my head.

A half-full moon lights a dark night sky.  A tired me longs to say, “Goodbye.”

The time has come for a nice little rest.  I’ll try again tomorrow when the morning’s fresh.

Today, I ran a nice little race.  Tomorrow, I’ll surely pick up the pace.

I’ll tighten up…release the slack…I’ll show everyone I’m coming back!

I won’t be one to cry or pout!  I’ll show them I’m neither down nor out!

I can hardly wait for the start of a new day…so many things to do…so many things to say!

But ooooh, right now through the darkness, I can just make out my bed.  Thank You, sweet Lord, for a place to lay my head!


The Seeds I Sow

The seeds I sow are all my own.

I’ll reap the harvest whether right or wrong.

Seedtime and Harvest is here to stay.

It’s a truth that will never fade away.

I’ll sow today and reap tomorrow.

I’ll sow good things to ward off sorrow.

I’ll plant good seed in healthy ground.

I won’t let my thoughts talk me down!

I’ll speak words of faith to all I sow.

I’ll tell my seeds to grow and grow!

For in God’s Love, I do believe, my very words will water seed.

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.

So, I’ll speak life to everyone.

I’ll pay attention to whose voice I’ll heed…

For, I know who’s best at watering seed!

His words breed Life and Joy and Order.

Why, He’s a fountain of Living Water!

If negative things try to fill my head,

I’ll just say what my Jesus says!

When I’m not sure what He would say,

I’ll take the time to read and pray.

“What will I read?” you might ask.

The only book that will ever last!

Why the Good Book of course- it has no rival!

Yes, I’m speaking of the Bible!

I’ll read and pray what Jesus says

I’ll read each one of God’s promises.

I’ll read each word to finish from start.

I’ll make sure God’s Word is deep in my heart…

…and when it’s deep down inside of me, is when I’ll be best at watering seed.

Yes, I’ll speak Life to all I sow.

I’ll watch my good seed grow and grow!

Then, with time and patience and faith so marvelous…

I will praise God as I reap my harvest!

“Oh Lord, You’re wonderful and I should have known

You would multiply each and every seed I have sown!

You’ve given me back so much more than I planted! 

Lord, I won’t take Your Word for granted!

You are so true and You always keep your Word!

Your promises are the best things I’ve ever heard!

Yes, seedtime and harvest is here to stay!

Lord, I’ll plant good seeds and say what You say!

To make sure each harvest is flourishing and bright,

I’ll stay in Your Word an keep walking in Your Light!

Yes, the seeds I sow are all my own.

So, I’ll choose to sow good seed instead of what’s wrong.

I will have a great life that is full and long

and it’s all because of You, Lord, and the seeds I have sown.”


4 Responses to “Kids’ Stuff”

  1. Kellie Says:

    This is beautiful ! It brought tears to my eyes. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your writings. I look forward to seeing many more !

  2. Mariah Says:

    I like those alot!, plus there’s a pic of me to make it even better… Jus kidding but they’re both really nice.

  3. Tameika Says:

    I know I am SO late, but I enjoyed reading your poems. I really like The Smile of a Child.

  4. hazelseyes Says:

    Thanks Meik! Oh, and you’re not late! This blog will be here when and if ever you feel like dropping in again. Love Ya! 🙂

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